About Us

SRI Systems integrates today’s advanced technology with proven traditional system designs and methods.

Established in 1987

SECURE-RITE, Inc., now known as SRI Systems, is a family-run business specializing in the design and installation of low-voltage commercial and residential systems including electronic security, structured wiring, and audio/video systems.

Bill Matras, Company President and founder, installed his first security system for himself after being burglarized. At the time there were few choices in home security providers. Educated in electronics and employed in the tech industry, Bill designed his own basic system from scratch using a few parts. The system, crude as it was, provided a peace of mind and likely would have thwarted another attempted break-in. Through additional research, Bill discovered the alarm industry was just then rolling out newer equipment designs incorporating current technology. Bill decided to become part of the industry and soon formed SECURE-RITE, Inc. That was 1987 and the state-of-the-art systems of that time were the predecessors of today’s technology-enhanced systems.

Bill and his wife Marian are both Tampa natives with deep local roots and a strong sense of community. With a degree in Computer Engineering Technology, Bill worked in the high-tech defense contracting industry for 10 years as an electronics specialist prior to starting SRI Systems. Before that, Bill developed a special appreciation for music at a very young age, learned to play guitar and dedicated a good portion of his young life playing in local bands. His understanding of music and sound systems made incorporating professional home audio and entertainment systems into his line up of services a no-brainer. Since starting SRI, Bill has continued educating himself over the years in emerging technology, attending countless seminars and training sessions in an effort to stay current and knowledgeable in the fast changing world of security and electronics. SRI was a pioneer in early local efforts to modernize the wiring in new residential construction, convincing custom home builders to let a specialist handle the wiring for phone, TV, and network – now commonly referred to as structured wiring.

Florida heavily regulates the electrical and alarm industry. Before operations can start, companies are required to submit a qualified applicant who must pass an arduous state examination. Licenses must be renewed every two years with continuing education requirements. Other companies, even well known large firms, commonly pay an outsider who already holds a Florida license to qualify on their behalf, or simply employ an existing license holder so they can legally start an operation in Florida. As a State-Certified Alarm contractor, Bill is not only the company founder, but also the license holder for SRI. Because so much is at stake, and the relationship between customer and company should be more personalized, Bill has always felt that an alarm business cannot be run like a pizza delivery franchise. His many long time customers would agree.