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We have designed state-of-the-art home automation systems that allow you to control everything in your home with the touch of a button.

Finally, the future of home automation has arrived.

Years of divergent technologies have given way to open API and integration-friendly products. What does that mean for you? A plugged-in home you can manage with the push of a button. Living well has never been easier.

The network is unquestionably the backbone of any control system, and the interface of choice is any network-connected smart phone or tablet. Using a combination of hardware and software, network-based control systems can control virtually any other sub-system — bringing all technology and appliances within an environment under the control of one easy-to-use application (app).

SRI Systems Home Automation

All automation is the same

Wrong. Yes, virtually anything these days can be controlled by an app. Simply connect a “smart device” to the network following simple instructions, download the app on your smartphone or tablet and voilà – home automation ….

Well, not exactly. Filling your home with a bunch of “smart devices” all controlled by different individual apps does not exactly make for an automated home – it just makes accessing and controlling those individual devices “easier”. But having to switch between so many different devices can cause plenty of headaches and confusion.

Light-weight Automation vs Custom Integration

Google, Amazon, Apple, and others have inundated the consumer market with do- it- yourself automation and integration technologies. This may be fine for those comfortable with technology and who have time and patience to try new things. This mishmash of new technology, though, comes with suspect reliability and limited value – what we refer to as light-weight automation.

Representing a step up from DIY technology – a professionally installed smart security system is a viable and affordable solution for those interested in accomplishing real tasks in an automated fashion – such as controlling lights, door locks, and climate simply by arming the alarm.
See SRI Smart Security Systems.

But what about controlling other devices that do not come with an app or require a connection method other than Wi-Fi or Ethernet? And what about combining common security and environmental tasks with leisure and entertainment technology? And – what if you need all of this capability to be cutting edge yet extremely reliable with virtually unlimited expand-ability – all while being very intuitive and easy to use. Then you need a top-shelf Home Control product and an experienced custom integrator to bring it all together.  Imagine when you come home after work and as soon as you walk in the Lights come on, the AC turns to your favorite temperature, the TV goes to your favorite channel, and light music begins playing in the kitchen. A true Smart Home that does the work for you.

Automation Through Custom Integration

With an SRI Home Control System powered by ELAN anything is possible. All relevant connectivity technologies are covered – Network (IP), IR, Z-wave, Bluetooth, and when necessary custom relay and sensing interfaces are embedded so the system can integrate with unintelligent devices. The “brain” of the Elan system is the controller, and while Elan can control almost any consumer brand and custom product, Elan has its own unparalleled line of custom products for accomplishing some of the more demanding tasks including:
AV controllers for routing audio signals from a variety of sources though out the home
HDMI video matrix switchers for routing hi definition video sources to video displays and TVs
Video over IP technology for truly unlimited video distribution capabilities

Step into the SRI Automated Home

The Elan media and control system provides intuitive operation of all things media related and beyond. From any Elan compatible user interface simply choose the room or zone you are in, then select the function to control. All necessary commands then happen automatically – including zone on/off, tv on/off, source on/off and all other applicable equipment settings.

For media sources – all room volume adjustment and media source control will be at your fingertips – including imported channel guides, favorites and all other source control functions – and no matter what interface you are using (Smart phone, tablet, dedicated system remotes and touch panels) the user experience will be the same.

The system can be extended to include Home Control and Integration of Security, Lighting, Climate and much more. With true integration all systems will communicate and react with one another based on your activities to create an enjoyable hassle free living environment.

Try It for Yourself

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Services provided

  • Hardwired and WiFi Network design and implementation
  • Media control and video distribution including 4K HDR, video matrix, video walls, and video over IP
  • Music distribution and Media Room integration utilizing the latest in music streaming technology, Hi-res audio and local music library integration.
  • Complete Home control and integration combining Media/Entertainment, Security/Video Surveillance, Climate/Energy Management, Lighting/Shades, Pool/Spa, Intercom/Communication, and more.

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