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SRI security systems have been protecting homes and businesses since 1987. Today’s technology brings security to new heights, and SRI Systems offers the most advanced technology options integrated with proven traditional security designs.

SRI systems integrates today's advanced technology with proven traditional system designs and methods.

Smart Home Security Systems

Home automation features are now available on all Honeywell Vista Plus series and Lyric security systems. The result is a home security and management system that is state-of-the-art, reliable and affordable. Now, when you arm your system upon leaving your home, the temperature and lighting is automatically set to energy savings mode. With Total Connect remote access you will be able to alter temperature settings, control lights, arm or disarm your system and even unlock doors while you are home or away. When you return home and disarm the system, the temperature and lights automatically return to the normal occupied home settings.


Traditional Security Alarm Systems

Need sirens to sound and the authorities notified when an intrusion occurs? That should be the expectation of any security system that is properly designed and implemented. Sensors on perimeter openings should detect forced entry. Interior motion detectors provide back-up detection. Glass break detectors reinforce the perimeter where necessary. Exterior sensors can provide pre-alert. With a reliable monitoring service providing immediate notification, you have the framework for a traditional-style electronic security system that could help prevent property loss and save lives.

Video Surveillance Systems

Besides being an excellent deterrent to crime, a surveillance system consisting of video cameras connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a valuable tool in crime solving, as illustrated in news stories daily. Many business owners find that video systems pay for themselves by boosting worker productivity while minimizing theft. Home owners rely on video systems to see who is at the front door, keep an eye on the kids in the backyard, or to review recorded video when a crime has hit close to home. SRI offers remote access via computers and smart phones on all of its video surveillance products.

New Features and Technologies

No phone line? No problem. Alternative alarm communication technologies mean fewer restrictions and greater reliability. SRI offers all available formats of alarm communications – from a low-cost private radio network to internet and cellular radio technologies for both back-up and primary alarm communications.

Completely wireless systems are available – giving you no-hassle installation in existing structures with superior reliability.
Remote access to your security system now a standard option. Instantly connect to your system from your smart phone or computer - while at home or away. Remotely arm, disarm, view event log, and receive text alerts and e-mails for specific occurrences. SRI makes this possible with Total Connect remote services by Honeywell.

Integrating your alarm system with video surveillance is now easier than ever. IP video cameras can be added to your Total Connect remote services account, so not only can you access and manage your security system, you can see live-steaming video of your premises, including review of time-stamped recorded video clips.


Total Connect Remote Services

Total Connect is available with all Vista series and Lyric Security systems. This means when you leave home you do not leave your security system. With additional hardware and programming it will even connect to and provide control of your climate, lighting, door locks and more. With Total Connect the system will still report all alarms to the SRI Central Station while simultaneously sending alerts directly to the end user including notices of Loss of electricity and pending service issues. SRI Total Connect services ordinarily work over an internet connection - but by adding a Honeywell GSM cellular radio communicator - all communications and remote access is preserved even during power loss and loss of internet services.

SRI Total Connect Features

  • Receive Notifications and email alerts for specific events, such as arm/disarm by user, alarms, system trouble, loss of electricity and more
  • Remotely connect to your security system from your smart phone or computer from anywhere
  • Once connected, you may:
    • Arm and disarm system
    • View time stamped event log
    • Manage user codes
    • Manage notification parameters

Try it for yourself: Download the App to take a test drive today. Download:

Total Connect for iOS from Apple App Store or Total Connect for Android from the Play Store

Video Surveillance

  • View live-video streaming of your premises from anywhere
  • Answer your Door with Skybell HD Video Doorbell
  • Receive alerts via Push Notification and email based on motion detection.
  • Video clip and images automatically archived (up to 100 events)

Home Automation

  • Synchronize heating/AC and lighting to user activity, for example: arm your security system when leaving and your home temperature and lighting automatically will adjust accordingly; disarm system and all original settings are restored.
  • Remotely access and control your Climate, Lighting, Door Lock, and more

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