Audio/Video Systems

SRI Systems has been designing and installing custom home theater, video and distributed music systems for well over a decade. We have seen trends come and go, but have always taken pride in our ability to ascertain a customer’s true needs and wants to deliver a high quality, state-of-the-art system that falls within the desired budget and exceeds expectations.

SRI Systems Audio / Video Installation, Maintenance and RepairDedicated Home Theater

  • Media Room design and layout
  • Affordable True Home Theater - from Entry level to Audio-Videophile quality
  • Automated Room Packages - Control of Media, Lighting, Climate and more with one press of a button

Standard Surround Sound Systems

  • Transform your Family room or Den into the ultimate sonic experience combining the latest 4K HDR Television and AV receiver technology.
  • Our network AV receivers support the most advanced audio and HDMI technology while delivering a variety of streaming music options and the possibility to add a dedicated music zone to another room controllable from your Phone or tablet.

Whole Home Audio

  • Whole home/multi zone audio systems with access to your favorite streaming music services and local music libraries. Each zone can be independently controlled from any phone or tablet.
  • Hardwired built-in speakers can be combined with wireless speaker technology to create a seamless, easy to use music system that is versatile and always expandable.


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